Membership at Frontline Church

Membership in the local church is one of the most beautiful and important aspects of the Christian life.   

We live in a fast-paced culture that values unhindered mobility, ease of use, low commitment, and high energy. Anything that ties us down, whether it be a charging cable, a signed contract, or an emotional burden, is something to be avoided at all costs. And here we are, inviting you into the thick of it all through membership. 

Jesus is the charging cable to end all charging cables. In Scripture, during a time when the movements and activities of all civilizations were restricted by their proximity to fresh water, Jesus audaciously calls Himself the Living Water, bringing everlasting life to any who drink from Him. His claims shocked and offended the religious leaders of that time, yet believers willingly "tied" themselves to Him, followed Him, obeyed Him, and He met their needs. Today, He continues to meet needs—both material and spiritual—in audacious ways. We invite you into relationship with Him and His body of believers.  

In an era when contracts are considered annoying and cumbersome, we invite you into a membership contract with this body of believers and all the personal and spiritual benefits that come with it. Connect to God, pastors, and other Christians in meaningful community. 

And, during this time in human history, when relationships last as long as it takes to swipe left and emotional baggage is stuffed down so as to be easily overlooked, we’re asking you to live in long-term, give-and-give, carry-each-other, complex relationship with other believers. To link yourself to them. To even “bear one another's burdens"—emotional and otherwise—"and so fulfill the law of Christ.” It’s a high calling to live on mission for God’s glory, and we work together as a single body of believers to do it. 

If you would like to make Frontline your church home, our membership class is worth your time. It’s an exciting experience where you will be equipped in a way that’s fun, helpful, stretching, and maybe even life-changing. You’ll be equipped to take that next step as a healthy and active Frontline Covenant Member. Sign up for your congregation’s class below.