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Serve the City

Frontline partners with local ministries and non-profits in our City to love people and push back darkness. Learn more about our city partners below.

Student Mobilization:

Student Mobilization is a non-profit, college campus organization that exists to build spiritual leaders for Christ from the college campuses of the world. Our passion is to build up student laborers into future leaders. The students of today will be tomorrow’s business men and women, church leaders, missionaries, educators, community leaders and parents. Our desire is to equip them to live for Christ wherever they may go.

For serving opportunities with Student Mobilization click here.

Anna's House:

Anna's House Foundation is a faith-based organization whose mission is to provide immediate, stable and loving homes for Oklahoma County's children in state custody. AHF desires to offer a future of hope and faith to foster children and foster families by providing housing, support, training, and resources in a Christian community setting. We provide an exceptional, personal network of support for families in Oklahoma County and contingent counties caring for children in foster care, and the unique needs children share.

Hope Pregnancy Center desires to empower women so they can make the best decision possible. It’s important to get all the facts when considering your pregnancy options. All services are free and confidential.