Serve the City

Frontline partners with local ministries and non-profits in our City to love people and push back darkness. Learn more about our city partners below.


Anna's House:

Anna's House Foundation is a faith-based organization whose mission is to provide immediate, stable and loving homes for Oklahoma County's children in state custody. AHF desires to offer a future of hope and faith to foster children and foster families by providing housing, support, training, and resources in a Christian community setting. We provide an exceptional, personal network of support for families in Oklahoma County and contingent counties caring for children in foster care, and the unique needs children share.

Hope Pregnancy Center Edmond:

Hope Pregnancy Center is a non-profit organization that was established in 1986 and serves an average of 3,260 women and men each year. The Center strives to provide a safe, confidential and caring environment to explore pregnancy choices without judgement. The Center provides professional pregnancy testing and ultrasounds, education on each option, caring staff and volunteers to listen as clients process options and circumstances, and support programs to walk through the decision-making process and beyond. Hope Pregnancy Center never charges for any services and offers adoption referrals and support; parenting classes where parents can earn baby items for participating; and post abortion support.


 Hope is Alive:

HIA has a mission to radically change the lives of people struggling with drug addiction, alcoholism, and those that love them. The Hope is Alive program averages 18 months to complete and includes an intensive three-phase program that facilitates complete life change with a unique approach that offers substance abuse recovery and complete emotional sobriety as well. With homes in six cities across three states, HIA mentors men and women as they take their sobriety out into the “real” world and learn how to stay sober through the everyday bumps and bruises life brings. The program not only gives a solid foundation in sobriety, but also facilitates emotional healing from past traumas so graduates will know how to live in healthy relationships with other people and never have to depend on a substance again. 


Wings is a special needs community whose mission is to enhance the lives of adults with developmental disabilities through social, vocational and residential programs guided by principles of the Bible. Wings’ vision is to provide a community where individuals can grow socially, emotionally, and spiritually while developing meaningful, productive job skills. Wings also provides educational opportunities for members to continue developing their skills and talents. “Each and every day our members are growing toward greater independence and realizing their full potential”.



The Community Responding to International Students Program (CRISP) is designed to bring international students together with American families.  Families from the Edmond and Oklahoma City areas are paired with international students from the University of Central Oklahoma. The goal of CRISP is for the families and international students to spend time together at least once a month. This gives international students a firsthand experience of how an American family lives, while American families can learn about other cultures and appreciate the diversity that is represented at UCO.


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